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I’m a pediatric nurse from New York with an insatiable hunger to see the world. When I’m not busy saving lives in the Cardiac ICU or enjoying every bit of the city, I’m usually out gallivanting around the globe.  I live for adventure, Momofuku Milk Bar crack pie, shaking my hips to the samba drum beats, laughter, brightly-colored street art, and Peruvian ceviche!  

This blog focuses on the things I love: traveling, New York City, nursing volunteer abroad on medical missions, food, street art, style & fashion, learning a new language, and simply loving and enjoying a life well-lived.

I believe in simplicity.

I believe in “the good life”.  I believe in feeling young at heart.  I believe in rolling out of bed
at 5 or 6 in the morning, not just for work, but to occasionally watch the sun rise.

I believe travel invigorates the soul the same way being in love does.  I believe spoiling
myself silly with sunsets from NYC to Santorini is one of the best things for free.

I believe in indulging in life’s greatest, simple pleasures.
I work hard, really hard, but I love playing even harder.

I love New York, my home and my heart, like a fat kid loves cake.
Yet I fall in love with other places around the world the same way I do with people and with words.

I live and breathe the energy of big cities and the concrete jungle, just as much as being in total harmony with
Mother Nature in the middle of nowhere or on top of a mountain with sublime panoramic views of nature at its finest.

I crave for moments of solitude just as much as I love sharing a bottle of wine or rum, laughter, and
great stories with friends and perfect strangers who I eventually bond and form friendships with.

I love shaking my hips and dancing the night away, just as much as being
curled up in a comfortable spot and indulging in a good book for hours.

For someone with a travel blog, I don’t mind being disconnected from the online world for days on end.
I love just being in the moment, doing absolutely nothing at all, and enjoying it.

I find airports very exciting.  I find confidence, good posture, and  accents sexy.

Most of all, I love creating beautiful & lasting memories.  I want to be that mother or
grandmother with the craziest stories to tell the kids and grandchildren.


loveantoinette Sacred Valley, Cusco, Peru


My early childhood exposure to different cultures, food, and languages sparked a fierce interest in traveling and exploring the great outdoors.  Some people thought I caught the travel bug and I’d eventually get over it and get on with life.  The good thing is – it never left my system.  Over the years, my never-ending love affair with travel has brought me to over 40+ countries, 6 continents, and counting.

Some of my most memorable travel experiences are:
floating on the Dead Sea . gazing at the Pyramids of Giza on a camel ride . W-circuit 5-day trek in Chilean Patagonia . snowboarding in Chamonix-Mont Blanc & Lake Tahoe . Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia . hot-air balloon ride over Cappadocia, Turkey . volunteer mission trips to Lima . the incredible Macchu Picchu . Pacific Coast Highway drive from LA to San Francisco . the Great Ocean Road in the State of Victoria in Australia . skydiving in New Zealand . Elephant Sands in Botswana . learning samba and falling in love in Rio de Janeiro . shopping to my heart’s desire in Hong Kong . an epic road trip in South Africa . delicious, cheap tapas in Spain . the beaches and lakes of Dubrovnik, Croatia . hanging out at the edge of Victoria Falls on the Zambia side . pulling over cops in Montreal with girlfriends . meeting other lovely travelers who became life-long friends . sailing from Panama to Colombia via the San Blas Islands . summer well-spent in the south of France . all of Guatemala – one of my absolute favorite countries!

I’ve traveled solo many times and a few times with friends and family, and on medical missions. A couple of years back, I deliberately made the decision to take a long sabbatical from my full-time nursing career, hablar español, and keep up with the travel love affair.  While I have made it back to New York and shifted my focus on other things, travel remains and will always remain of paramount importance in my life.


One of my biggest obsessions, and possibly the ones I take the most photos of, is street art. Some call it graffiti, stencil art, public art wall, etc. Whatever it’s called, I’m totally obsessed with it. I’d rather spend a whole day hunting down incredible, unique street art over going to an art museum. This is one of the reasons why I especially fell in love with Berlin, Tel Aviv, and Melbourne, and most recently, Bogotá.

loveantoinette Colorful streetart in Melbourne, Australia

While updates/posts on this blog may not be frequent, I am however most active on my INSTAGRAM/loveantoinette so stop by and say Hello!  

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